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by Fred von Graf on November 20, 2010

I just came back from talking on the Video Genius Panel at PodCampAZ with the realization I have not done any videos for this BLOG in a while.  Now most of my recent video work has been in the digital marketing realm for Web3Mavens clients, so that’s what I talked about.  I do have a few jewels I’ll pull out of the editing station and share on this blog very soon but until then how about a recap of some of some of the most popular videos.

Like the time I had the tables turned on me and this time I ended up in front of the camera in an interview, where Arnie Kuenn from Vertical Measures. He was interviewing Internet Experts on their predictions for 2010.

So how did I do for my 2010 predictions?

Or when I sat down for a chat with Jay Baer (@JayBaer) about a year ago.  Jay will actually be in town on February 11th at SMAZ along with Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra)to kick off the release of their new book, The Now Revolution. Attendees of SMAZ will get a free copy of the book…

Scott & Chris from Terralever

Chat with Sidra over at SpyFu

My talk with Margie Albert from Focus on Customer Success

Social Media in the Enterprise with Michelle Gorel from Avnet

So there you have a few of the more popular interviews I did with the knowledge that some new ones are on the way.  Let me know if there are specific companies or people you’d like for me to cover.

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