Give your customers an experience

by Stephen Murphey on October 16, 2010


For the fourth of July this year I found myself “volunteering” to help my wife sell drinks at a vendor booth for her event class. In between carrying pallets of RC Cola and convincing people to spend $2 a bottle I noticed something really interesting. Dozens of people had long sticks with a spiral cut potato wrapped around it.

I immediately wanted one.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t hungry and I’m trying to eat better I still wanted that seasoned, fried carb-heavy goodness. Just to try it. They’re also a brilliant marketing tactic since everyone else at the fair can easily see a long pointy stick of fried potatoes. According to Wikipedia, French Fries were first invented in the 1600′s in Belgium (but that’s another story) so they’ve been around for a LONG time. And yet it was still possible to make something new and exciting about them.

What does this mean for your business?

Don’t just create a product, create an entire experience for your customers. Help them find and express the joys of buying and using it. Even if your product isn’t inherently awesome like the Tornado Fry, you can still create that experience. Maybe it’s using Twitter or Facebook to talk about your customers. Use YouTube to post videos your customers have made or interview them yourself.

Social Media offers us the chance to really connect with our customers in a way that was never possible. This doesn’t mean you can slap a Facebook page on a crappy product and call it a day. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want to do either. Just remember, it’s about your customers not your product. Make it really easy for your customer to get engaged and then start having a conversation. And listen.

Image by L.Richarz

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