I’m excited to be attending Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW)

by Fred von Graf on September 21, 2010

PHX Design Week 2010

I’m going to Phoenix Design week and I think you should too, so we can meet up and talk design. This will be my first time attending PHXDW and I’m excited to meet the people that attend and learn from the presenters.  Now design is outside of my normal expertise, but it affects me on a daily basis.  Almost every client I work with and every project somehow has some design elements incorporated.  Whether that’s a simple graphic for a landing page, Facebook app integration, to the integral user engagement design.  I love the social psychology behind UI design, and general human technology interactions, including or perhaps especially marketing interactions.  Sure I own a wireless Wacom tablet and full Adobe Master Suite, and have been using Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Dreamweaver and Illustrator for years.  What does that mean?  It means I liked the new Adobe CS5 suite with it’s 64bit support and use of the Nvidia cards (GPU) for offloading tasks from the CPU), enough to buy the biggest package they offer and that I dabble with the tools of the trade enough to truly appreciate people that are experts in this area.  At the end of the day I know what great design is from it’s interaction with it’s audience, visual appeal and utilitarian aspects, but when it comes to executing I’m a wannabe, and that’s why I hire talented designers and artists for my clients.

Being able to meet new people with diverse skills in the design realm excites me, I’m very much looking forward to the event and hope to see you out there as well.

Now if you’re asking yourself what is Phoenix Design Week anyway?  Well the organizers describe it as:

Phoenix Design Week is a weeklong conference and series of events scheduled from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3. Since this is an event all about the Phoenix design community, various galleries will be up throughout the week featuring the work of local designers – everything from graphic to interactive to logo, and even sculpture to name a few.

The weekend conference is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center in the heart of downtown Phoenix. National speakers include Hillman Curtis, Von Glitschka, James Victore, Paul Sahre, Mike Joosse and Brian Singer. To learn more about these amazing speakers, visithttp://phxdw.com/speakers.

The panels, presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions held during the weekend conference are meant to bring together the design community in an unprecedented way.

Are you a faux designer like me?  Will you make it out to PHXDW?

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