Local Search, Social Search

by Fred von Graf on August 4, 2010

I found my exterminator through my social channels.  I didn’t use Google or any other search engine, I just asked my social networks for recommendations for an exterminator in my area.  Within an hour I had 5 recommendations and within a day there was a clear pattern that emerged.  Bulwark was mentioned multiple times from happy customers, and they were clearly on the social channels as well.  So I reached out to Thomas over at Bulwark and now I have a great exterminator and they have a happy customer talking about them.

I have now had them out twice to my house and I can tell you that the technician was friendly and happy, took the time to explain what he was doing and why. So now I’m not only happy with the fact that no bugs are in my house or around my yard but I have a company I can now recommend to my friends.

So being the digital marketing guy that I am I wanted to look under the curtains to see what Bulwark was doing right, especially in the social channels.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that they had dominated the SEO for strategic keywords associated with pest control, as well as engaging their customers to provide reviews on local search sites.  So when you do a local search, the reviews look great!

Recently I got a chance to meet Thomas and some associates for lunch and it became very clear that they are brilliant digital marketers that understand their business and how to use online marketing to get new customers.  It also doesn’t hurt that they have a great product that sells itself, and sells even better with a small nudge from the social channels that all their happy customers use to share with their friends.

I suggest you try finding a company or service in your area through your social networks, before you go to a search engine.  See if there’s a clear pattern like I saw with Bulwark, and let me know!  Google is great for most things but when it comes to local search try the people in your circles first and then look at the reviews of those strangers on that local site.

Have you found a company using purely social channels?

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