Google Voice for Everyone!

by Fred von Graf on July 5, 2010

Google is opening up Google Voice and you should get an account now.  I’ve been using Google Voice since before it was Google Voice, back in the Grand Central days and have loved it!  I currently use a couple Google Voice accounts for business and highly recommend them.

Now from a business perspective, especially a small business like mine it helped me to stay connected to my customers in all new ways.  Here are just a few of the features that make Google Voice exceptional for small businesses:

  • call routing based on who’s calling, time of day, more
  • custom voicemail based on who’s calling
  • voicemail transcriptions
  • Amazing Android App:
    • that lets me use google voice over data and not my mobile minutes
    • listen to voicemails and forward them
    • look at transcriptions of voicemails
    • automatically kick in when dialing internationally
    • answer / interrupt calls while messages being left
    • email to SMS features
    • able to put call me links on your website for customers to reach you
  • HTLM5 version for iPhone
    • Apple removed Google Voice from the app store because they are evil, so Google just made an HTML5 version of Google Voice that worked via the browser.  This makes me happy when I use my touch (not very often any more).

Basically Google Voice allows you to have one number and based on who’s calling you can intelligently route the call and decide what to do with it based on predefined logic or real time.  You can also read your voicemails and respond more quickly to your customers needs, or even that call from the wife where you need to stop by the store on your way back to the house.

So now that you have the option, I can tell you it’s just silly not to get a number already…

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