7 Ways Games Reward the Brain

by Fred von Graf on November 6, 2010

You will find that my current interests and therefore my blogging is most likely focused on the current ventures I have going.  These include a mobile game called Hexxa, a new tech incubator called LaunchSpot which includes a co-working space, more mobile and social development for clients at Web3Mavens, starting to pull together the next SMAZ together and the most important project I’m working on with my wife, Baby von Graf.

So as some of you may have read in my previous post about Hexxa, this game hits all the key elements that makes us as humans enjoy playing it. Well after watching this talk by Tom Chatfield on the 7 ways games reward the brain, it’s great to find that Hexxa addresses all of them:

  1. Experience bars measuring progress
  2. Multiple long and short term aims
  3. Rewards for effort
  4. Rapid, frequent, clear feedback
  5. An element of uncertainty
  6. Other people
  7. Windows of enhanced attention

Watch this TED Talk and see what you think.

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Virtual Apps November 14, 2010 at 11:19

At the core level playing games is an exercise in winning. Nobody plays games to lose. We play games to win! If that be the case, then IMHO playing games could increase our chances of also winning in actual life.

The continued simulation of winning or the desire to win can create a perpetual positive visualization of victory. In a very negative world, the positive effect of winning could have a therapeutic value! 🙂

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