Social Media Talk with Jason Baer from Convince and Convert

by Fred von Graf on December 23, 2009

What better way to start the holidays than to sit down and enjoy a chat with Jason Baer (@JayBaer)?  OK there may be a few other ways but this is an interview not to be missed.  I recently drove up to Flagstaff to meet with Jason and got a chance to capture this chat on video.  I have to share with you that Jason is one of a short list of people that I follow online and I suggest you do the same.  You can also find out who Jason follows, his thoughts on where Social Media will be in the future and much more by watching the video.  Sit back and enjoy!

Jason also introduced me to Diablo Burger, which is the best open range beef burger I’ve ever had!  If you find yourself in Flagstaff and want the best burger and fries ever, now you know where to go!  You’ll thank me or perhaps Jason for it.

You can always find Jason over at where he shares his always insightful interviews and posts on Social Media.  Jason will also be speaking at our next Social Media for Business (SMAZ) event (January 25th, 2010) in beautiful downtown Tempe, AZ!  Use the discount code ‘ConvinceAndConvert’ and you will get 45% off your tickets.

What did you think?  If you could ask Jason anything what would it be?


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