Social Media Talk with Scott & Chris from Terralever

by Fred von Graf on November 22, 2009

TerraLeverStill1Here’s another entry in my series of talks with companies and agencies that use Social Media.  These talks cover how they got in to using Social Media, how they use it today, some of the tools they use, the issues they ran in to and some key learnings they can share.  I’m doing this to help you learn what others are doing, get an idea of the challenges that others are facing, help you to connect with new people and hopefully get some conversation and innovation happening.

I got a chance to meet with Scott McAndrew the Director of Strategy and Chris Johnson the Founder and Managing Partner at Terralever.  Terralever is a digital agency that is working on some really fun and innovative projects.  They also happen to the be the digital agency of record for Redbull.  In this chat we got a chance to learn a lot about Terralever’s approach to social media.  I can tell you from talking with these guys, meeting some of the talent they have working for them and seeing the end result, I’d hire them.  With that said I’d suggest you watch this video and learn from the best.

If you enjoyed watching Scott and Chris, you can get a chance to engage with them at the next SMAZ – Social Media for Business event January 25th in Tempe, Arizona.


Courtney November 23, 2009 at 09:13

Fred, you’re doing an awesome thing! I’m glad the folks at TL were able to help!

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Fred von Graf November 23, 2009 at 21:56

Thanks Courtney! I really enjoyed chatting with Scott and Chris, it was a pleasure. I hope I get a chance to work with the Terralever team in the future.

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