Social Media Talk with Kevin Gawthrope from Isagenix

by Fred von Graf on November 8, 2009

I’ve started a series of talks with companies and agencies that use Social Media.  These talks cover how they got in to using Social Media, how they use it today, some of the tools they use, the issues they ran in to and some key learnings they had along the way.  I’m doing this to help you learn what others are doing, get an idea of the challenges that others are facing, help you to connect with new people and hopefully get some conversation and innovation happening.

I had the pleasure of talking with Kevin Gawthrope, the Senior Manager of Web Services and Digital Marketing from Isagenix about their use of Social Media. This story is fascinating and one that I think many of you trying to introduce social media in to your environments will appreciate.

So it all started with my having met Kevin through social media channels (birds of a feather) and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at a couple different local events.  After I got a chance to hear his story and learn how he was able to get social media introduced at Isagenix I knew I had to share this with you.

Kevin is one of those up and coming digital experts that understands, with a strong design background he can get it done.  He’s someone to keep your eyes on and learn from when you can.  Kevin Gawthrope‘s Blog is a good place to find his latest musings on social media and branding topics as well as to find out where he’s speaking next.  I know he’s going to be speaking at PodCampAZ along with myself.

What do you think about Kevin’s approach to introducing social media to his company?  What about his approach with driving leads from twitter back?