Social Media Talk with Ed Brice from Lumension

by Fred von Graf on October 8, 2009

I’ve started a series of talks with companies and agencies that use Social Media.  These talks cover how they got in to using Social Media, how they use it today, some of the tools they use, the issues they ran in to and some key learnings they had along the way.  I’m doing this to help you learn what others are doing, get an idea of the challenges that others are facing, help you to connect with new people and hopefully get some conversation and innovation happening.

I had the pleasure of talking with C. Edward Brice, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lumension about their use of Social Media.  Ed’s one of those executives that really understands both the strategic and the tactical, where you can respect and like him very quickly – I know I did.  Just listen to the migration Lumension went through in their adoption of Social Media and the clever ways they are leveraging multiple channels to optimize the experience.  How does one measure ROI with Social Media, and should you?  What about his advise for businesses getting in to Social Media now, or his thoughts on where Social Media will take us in the future?

I also want to share that Ed was a keynote speaker at my Social Media for Business Event (#SMAZ), where he presented The Greatest Question Since the Meaning of Life: What is the ROI of Social Media? The audience absolutely loved it!  I highly recommend you take a moment to look it over.  We can all learn something from Ed’s approach on the use of Social Media in business.

After watching this interview, take a minute to let me know your thoughts by commenting below – Please!.

Did you enjoy hearing how Lumension started using Social Media?  What did you think of Ed’s suggestions for using Social Media?

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