Social Media Video with Off Madison Ave.

by Fred von Graf on October 6, 2009

I’ve started a series of talks with companies and agencies that are using Social Media.  These talks cover how they got in to using Social Media, how they use it today, some of the tools they use, the issues they ran in to and some key learnings they had along the way.  I’m doing this to help you learn what others are doing, get an idea of the challenges that others are facing, help you to connect with new people and hopefully get some conversation and innovation happening.

I started the series out talking with Michelle Gorel (VP of PR from Avnet) about their use of Social Media, and now to help kick off this series of videos I got a chance to talk with Mike Corak and Chris Sietsema who run the interactive marketing for Off Madison Ave.

It’s great to get a chance to talk with folks like Mike and Chris that are very savvy when it comes to the strategy and implementation of Social Media in different environments.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them present at the Social Media for Business event(#SMAZ) and can tell you that they get it – make sure to take a look at their presentation The Anatomy of a Social Media Plan.

After watching this interview, take a minute to let me know what you thought by commenting below.  What topics would you like to see covered?  What questions would you ask?

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Sunny Thaper October 6, 2009 at 16:50

Seem to be having trouble trying to get the video to load. I have the latest version of Flash Player and I’ve tried in two different browsers (Firefox and Safari – both on Mac OSX). Anyone else experiencing this?

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fvongraf October 6, 2009 at 19:10

Thanks for the heads up Sunny! Not sure what happened but I just removed the old embed code and replaced it, and now it works for me… LMK.

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Margie Albert October 18, 2009 at 14:39

“We start everything by listening” – important quote in this piece.
“People will support that which they help create.” Another gem!

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